What's Left

Eduardo and Andy host a weekly political discussion on some of the most critical issues of our time as it relates to current events while challenging the conventional left.

Taliban, Bolton and What We Should Never Forget on 9/11

In the wake of the anniversary of 9/11, we discuss the baseless war on terrorism that has been ongoing for 18 years in the Middle East in light of the cancellation of the Taliban peace negotiations and the firing of John Bolton.

Labor Day Special: "What is to be Done?" at Mission High School

On today's show we discuss with Andy what organizing in a union looks like as he shares with us how he is personally attempting to build a Marxist workplace cell and a stronger union at Mission High School connected to his commitment to fighting for revolution and socialism.

Fires in the Amazon, Deception at the G7

There is an ongoing onslaught of capitalist greed destroying one the most revered rain forests, the Amazon. It has garnered attention in recent headlines as Sao Paulo, Brazil goes dark from the smoke of fires. Deforestation, using slash-and-burn agricultural practices, are increasing unnatural fires. This attention has both the Left and Right devising plans and blaming each other for the cause. However, the Liberal and Conservative politicians along with mainstream media choose to ignore the root cause of this fires: Capitalism. These unsustainable, profit-driven fires and short-term agricultural practices are motivated by the greed of this capitalist system our society operates in. We have clear examples of how similarly other natural forests have dwindled in the past and currently. Are solutions like vegetarianism, donations to NGOs, and electing Liberal candidates be where our attention should be centred? Watch or listen as we discuss this on our episode today and even disagree somewhat on how to carry out the best means to resist the destruction of our sacred forests, species and ultimately our natural environment.

Interview with Socialist, Teacher and "Breaking the Chains" Editor

On today's show we sit with our guest Nathalie Hrizi to discuss her personal political journey as an activist that ultimately led her to socialism, running as a socialist candidate in California and federally, why the working-class should go socialist, the recent manifestations around the world, and responding to our subscribers questions.

Jeffrey Epstein & Reckoning with Conspiracy Theories

2 Socialists, 1 Union & 0 Strikes

This is Part II of our discussion with our guest Socialist, Greg. Greg and our Andy are comrades in the same teachers union, UESF (United Educators of San Francisco) and at the same school, Mission High. In this episode we will turn to their organizing efforts in their union and what perils they have faced and lessons they have learned.

Some clarifications: The proposition that UESF pushed for to tax workers to pay for raises for teachers was Prop. G.

The year that EDU actually took power within some of the top union positions in UESF was 2015.

The State of Revolution: Interview with a Mission High Communist

An in-depth discussion with our guest, Greg, on his personal, political journey on what it means to be a Communist, and under that lens looking at general US politics and organizing in the teacher's union as a high school educator. This is a two-parter. Our very own Andy will be jumping in the second part next week of the discussion as they both are comrades in the same Union and are colleagues at the same high school. They will both be sharing their experience organising in their teacher's union and the challenges they face.

Mueller Testimony and the Myth of Impeachment

Concentration Camps, Asylum and "The Squad"

We discuss the latest political fight over immigration in US politics and highlight a very under-reported outcome of it all related to changes in asylum for immigrants coming from Central America.

Apologies in advance for the 'clicking' you will hear near the end of the episode.

George Washington Mural Debate: Keep or Destroy?

Eduardo and Andy debate what should be the fate of the George Washington HS mural that SFUSD Board of Education voted to be removed last week.

Correction: Andy says Victor Arnautoff's painting on Coit Tower is "City Lights" but its actually called "City Life"

Identity Politics

What's Left? On Racism https://youtu.be/hn1yKxFuVQw

What is racism? 1:41

Is racism biological? 19:02

On White Privilege 39:09

U.S. vs Iran: False Flags and True Criminals

Why does the US seem so determined to push towards war with Iran? What was behind the tanker attacks and drone attacks? Who's to blame for the violence in the region?

From Memphis to Hong Kong: A Tale of Two Protests

In loving memory of my Aunt Norma (1934 - 2019). A freedom rider, a revolutionary and a Communist. This episode is dedicated to her humor, her spirit, her fire and her dedication to change. - Andy

CRISPR, Capitalism and Designer Babies

CRISPR is the cutting edge of genetic-modification techniques and will likely transform scientists ability to change the DNA of virtually any organism on the planet, including humans. How will this technology be used? What should it be used? Where will this usage of the technology take humanity?

Correction: During the video, Andy says the Cas9 protein reads the CRISPR DNA and makes RNA. This is not correct. The RNA is made by the RNA polymerase of the cell. Cas9 will bind to THAT RNA after it is cleaved. It is that Cas9 / RNA complex which then binds the DNA and clips it.

The Plight, Problems and Promise of Public Education

A discussion on the good, the bad and the ugly of public education based on our learning and teaching experiences in the U.S. and around the world. We also share our vision of what education might look like in a post-Capitalist, post revolutionary society.

Abortion Rights Under Attack Again!...and Again...and Again

Abortion rights being stripped away all across the country, particularly in Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and now Alabama. Why is this happening and what does it mean for women in the U.S.?

Venezuela & Iran: US Hand in the Global Cookie Jar

Gema and Kenny join us again as we discuss recent events in Venezuela and Iran.

Confessions of an ex-ISO Member

The International Socialist Organization (ISO) has dissolved. Eduardo interviews Andy about his time in the organization. What did those experiences mean for him? Why did the organization collapse, and what does this mean about the prospects for building a revolutionary socialist organization?

Elections in Spain: How NOT to Fight Fascism

We discuss the recent elections in Spain. Socialist come to power in order to defeat the far right! Victory for the Left or for the Right? Is this how to fight Fascism? What does this say for the US elections in 2020?

An Arab Spring Blooms in North Africa

We discuss the recent uprisings in Mali, the Sudan and Algeria in what appears to be round two of the Arab Spring that took place 6 years ago across the Middle East and Northern Africa. Why is this happening, what can we learn from it and what will likely come of it?

Welcoming Workers at the El Paso, TX Border

Derrlyn Tom and Bruce Neuburger, two teachers and long time immigrant rights activists, discuss their experiences working at the Annunciation House helping immigrants coming from the south feel welcome and make the journey into the United States safely.

Julian Assange: The Empire Strikes Back

We discuss the recent removal of Julian Assange from asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy and his arrest by the British police. Another big win for the US state and another giant step backwards for preserving the few remaining independent voices in the media. Free Julian Assange!

Kentucky Mom "Goes Rogue" in Red State

We interview Gay Adelmann, parent of two and co-founder of "Dear JCPS", a grass-roots parent/teacher alliance built to fight racist policies in education and the erosion of public education through charter schools and privatization. Gay describes her involvement in the recent fight to bust the teachers union and the attack on teachers pay and pension which has produced a recent wave of sick outs in Kentucky. This put her group on the firing line from politicians looking to sneak shady policies past the pubic and union leaders who would rather cut backroom deals than lead fightback. Her story of struggle and transformation is inspiring.

The Mueller Report Fiasco

Now that the Mueller Report is finished, who were the winners and loser from "Russiagate". Was is it a legit investigation or a conspiratorial witch-hunt? What did it accomplish? And what does it mean for US politics, for the MSM and independent media, for the 2020 elections and for the Working Class?

Massacre in New Zealand

The Christchurch shootings raise questions about the rise of white nationalism, Islamophobia, gun control, political correctness and xenophobia. We discuss all of this as we try and make sense of who's to blame for the violent massacre in New Zealand.

LA, Oakland Teacher Strike Aftermath

Eduardo, Andy and Jack discuss the LA and Oakland teacher strikes. We share some of our thoughts and responses to the questions that come up for us around these strikes and their resolution.

Molding of a Working Class Leader

We interview Donna Salonga, a 3rd year ceramics teacher from Skyline HS in Oakland. Here, she chronicles here spiritual and political journey that took from a teacher reluctant to strike before the struggle began to one determined to carry on the fight until all teachers demands were met. She discusses her experiences as a picket captain, becoming a leader, why she voted 'NO" on the Tentative agreement and the aftermath of the Oakland teachers strike.

Donna's Political IG - SHSfight4Ed

Donna's Teacher IG - Dsalonga

From Classroom to Picket Line: A Striking Oakland Teacher Speaks

Interview of Oakland teacher, Jimmy Barbuto, about his thoughts about being on strike and how it has transformed him and his colleagues at Skyline High School.

Why Oakland Teachers are on Strike

Interview of retired Oakland teacher, activist and socialist, Jack Gerson. He talks about the how the Oakland school district (and public education) has been systematically strangled and dismantled and created the conditions for the Oakland strike. We talk about where the strike is going and where we think it may need to go to be successful 

100 Years Since the Seattle General Strike

We discuss the Seattle General strike of 1919. Why is it important and what can we learn from it today? Check out the links included for more info. (on YouTube site)

Also, this video has some historical pictures to go along with it so you might want to check it out on YouTube if your curious about those

Q & A (part 2)

Part 2 of Eduardo and Andy answering questions asked by some of our listeners. Thank you everyone, for the thoughtful challenging questions!

Coup or Uprising in Venezuela?

Special guests, Gema and Kenny join us for a discussion on recent events in Venezuela. Should the US get involved? Why is Europe supporting the self-declared interim President Juan Guaido? In addition, to debating what and who is really behind the decision to oust Nicolas Meduro from his seat as president, we discuss why is this happening now and what does it mean for the prospects for social change (and Socialism)

Interview with an LA Teachers' Strike Leader

We interview Claire Asuka Keating, a history teacher, activist and striker from a well organized school in LA, UCLA-Community school. A must listen for anyone intending to go on strike or in re-building the labor movement in the US. Here, Claire discusses what led to the strike, how it was organized, responses from parents and students in LA, issues confronting the strike, facing the police and how history was made by teachers in LA over the 6 days they went out. Finally, she explains what she voted NO on the contract and what this strike means to her.

What's Left? viewers may enjoy the additional clip we added at the end.

Q & A (part 1)

We're back! Happy New Year everyone. Here's part 1 of Eduardo and Andy answering questions asked by some of our listeners.

Syria Pullout & Government Shutdown

We discuss the furor around Trump's announcement of troop pullouts from Syria and Afghanistan. Also, our take on what's behind the government shutdown over building a border wall.

Naomi Klein, AOC and Greenwashing Capitalism

We discuss the hype around the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal Committee proposal. For background on this check out these two links.

Naomi Klein article on Green New Deal: https://theintercept.com/2018/11/27/green-new-deal-congress-climate-change/

Green New Deal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jxUzp9SZ6-VB-4wSm8sselVMsqWZrSrYpYC9slHKLzo/edit

Yellow Vests!

"People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people."

                                                                            -V for Vendetta

Tear-Gas or Open Borders? Nationalism or Internationalism?

In light of workers and their children being tear-gassed at the border while struggle takes place in parts of Europe (and even some in SF), in this episode, we take up the question of "invasion". There has been a lot of talk of the rise of 'nationalism' that is stirring people up and leading to support for attacks on immigrants. What is nationalism and who is a nationalist? Where does it come from and are there alternatives to it?

Rotten Turkey: The Thanksgiving Myth

We discuss some of the issues that come up for both of us when we think more deeply about the Thanksgiving holiday. What does it say about the real legacy of the United States? What is the holiday really about? What was the fate of both pilgrims and Native Americans and where are they at today? What are the lessons can we take away from this most famous of US holidays?

California Burning!

California is on fire! Why is this happening? How did these fires start? Why do the fires seem to be getting worse each year? Can we do anything about it? We both learned a lot in preparing for this episode so make sure to check out the links provided with it.

Also, this episode has more images included in it to compliment the audio, so you might want to check out the video version as well.  

2018 Midterms: Blue Wave Autopsy

A week after the U.S. midterm elections, we discuss what happened to the projected 'blue wave' that was supposed to sweep the political landscape in Washington. Well, there was no blue wave? Why not? What was significant about these elections? What did it accomplish? What comes next? 2020 elections?!?! Really!?!?!

Does Voting Matter?

It's only two more days before the U.S. mid-term election, and we thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss our differing opinions on the merits of voting in bourgeois elections. Things get a little heated, but in the end we come out buddies even if we have to agree to disagree on some issues

"Migrants are Not Criminals! We are International Workers!"

Eduardo and Andy discuss the migrant caravan that is making its way from Honduras to the US border. What are the reasons for the caravan? How the immigrant plight is being used by US politicians and why open borders and a giant "Bienvenidos!" Is the only sensible attitude to have to their treacherous but heroic journey.

Jamal Khashoggi: One More Murder for Empire

Eduardo and Andy discuss the brutal assassination of Jamal Khashoggi. Who was he? and what happened to him? Who is responsible? And what are the machinations behind all the changing stories coming from Donald Trump and the Saudi regime in Riyadh?

A 60's Radical who Refuses to Make Peace with the System

Apologies for the audio trouble. We are still working out the kinks of our sound for interviews.

This week, we interview Bruce Neuberger. A 60's radical who stayed radical all his life. He is a Maoist who still exposes and fights Capitalism and all the inequality that come with it. He has also written a book on his time organizing in the fields of Salinas CA in an excellent book, entitled "Lettuce Wars". Here we talk about his thoughts about the 60s and today as well as his conception of Socialism.

Is the (Workers') Party Over in Brazil?

Eduardo and Andy discuss the recent elections in Brazil. Once again we see the rise of a right-wing, populist candidate spouting nationalism, sexism and anti-immigrant racism. Why is this happening in Brazil? Why is it happening around the globe? What does it mean for the Left?

Disgusted by the Kavanaugh Hearings? Me Too!

This week, Eduardo and Andy discuss all the nonsense and drama behind the Brett Kavanaugh nomination for the Supreme Court and our thoughts and responses to the hearing on allegations of sexual abuse leveled against him.

We are getting this episode out a little early because some people who are important to us (and we love very much) insisted that we get it out early!

Red Pills, Blue Pills and Personal Awakenings

Eduardo and Andy talk about how their ideas changed from accepting what they were taught, to challenging it and then breaking from it. Now, having arrived at a new place, what happens when your ideas need to change again? How do you know which way to go? We touch on some of these questions.

Climate Changes, Capitalism Doesn't

Eduardo and Andy discuss the politics around the climate change summit in California. 

"Sacrificing Everything" for Nike.

Eduardo and Andy discuss the recent shoe/apparel deal struck between Nike and Colin Kaepernick. The ad campaign seems to lend support to Kaepernick's cause of fighting/highlighting racism and police brutality in the US with him featured prominently and a slogan saying "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything." Who and what benefits most from this controversial association? Kaepernick or Nike? The Cause or Capitalism?

Prison Strike 2018!

Eduardo and Andy discuss the recent prison strike called by Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and Jailhouse Lawyers Speak. We cover in detail each of the 10 demands of the strike, and talk about why they are important, and what they expose about the U.S prison system.

Interview with a Pro-Capitalist Anarchist

Eduardo and Andy interview Jake Schmidt. We do these interviews do give people another perspective on politics than the one they hear from us. We also hope to highlight that the important views are the ones that regular people have, not politicians, not 'experts'. Its regular people who will change the world, so its those opinions and beliefs we'll be focusing on.

What's Left of Abortion Rights?

Eduardo and Andy discuss recent decisions across the globe either restricting or expanding women's access to abortion rights. We explain our differing reasons for supporting a woman's right to choose.

Is the U.S. Turning to Fascism?

Eduardo and Andy talk about the anniversary of the Charlottesville demonstrations and discuss whether fascism in on the rise in the U.S.. We also talk about the tactics and politics of Antifa.

Banning InfoWars: About Censorship or About Time?

Eduardo and Andy discuss the recent ban by Facebook, YouTube, Apple and Spotify on InfoWars (and others). Should these actions be supported or opposed?

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Racism, Capitalism and Privilege

Eduardo and Andy discuss racism. What is it? Where does it come from? Who benefits from it?  

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Trump, Russia and the New Cold War

Eduardo and Andy discuss the furor over President Trump's meeting with Russian President, Vladimir Putin. We also ask what's really behind the Mueller investigation and claims of Russian meddling in the US elections?

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AMLO and Change Through the Ballot Box

Eduardo and Andy continue their discussion from last week about AMLO and ask what should be the attitude to AMLO's victory/presidency? Is it a step forward for the working class? Is it a development that must be welcomed or fought against (or both)? What kind of change is possible through elections and the ballot box?

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AMLO and the Mexican Elections

Andy asks Eduardo about his trip to Mexico and what it means to him, then the discussion turns to politics in Mexico, the recent election and who is AMLO, Andrés Manuel López Obrador?

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Eduardo and Andy discuss the implications of the recent NY primary victory of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Is her candidacy a challenge to Democratic Party or a trap laid for the workers and the Left?

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Independent Media: From Left-Wing to Right-Wing Then Back into the Democratic Party

Eduardo and Andy continue their discussion from last week debating the merits of independent media outlets like Democracy Now and what it means to be 'pragmatic' about making social change.

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Breaking-Up Families or Breaking-Up Borders?

Eduardo and Andy discuss what's behind the recent attack on immigrants by the Trump administration, the role of the Democratic Party and the possibility of open borders.

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Interview with a Socialist

Eduardo interviews Andy on what he means by "Socialism" and poses his own questions/doubts about it.  

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Rosanne Barr, Racism and the Media Frenzy

Eduardo and Andy discuss the media frenzy surrounding Rosanne Barr's tweets about Valerie Jarrett.

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Gun Control and Violence in America

Eduardo and Andy discuss gun control, the State, racism and violence in America

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The Iran Deal, Israel and the Right to Resist

Eduardo and Andy discuss the Iran Deal and its implication for the Middle East, the United States and the Anti-war movement.

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Who We Are and Why We are Doing This

Eduardo and Andy's introductory video on "What's Left?" is about

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