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"You actually allow the time for thoughts to emerge, time which allows space for those present to think and respond, for me there is no length that is too long to listen to thoughtful, insightful human beings thinking through very layered and complex topics. It's a radical act to do it. An act of resistance to allow time to be slowed down enough to think (& feel)."

Jon Jacobo, Gender & Justice

Today we discuss Jon Jacobo, a prominent local San Franciscan Mission community leader, and its significance on the Left. San Francisco Liberal/Progressive politics is a microcosm of the USA's political Left. What happens here gives us a read on the latest current. Check us out as we discuss gender, sexism, power, and the fear to speak out.

Standing Together to Sack Vaccine Mandates

We share our experiences at Wednesday's Anti-Vaccine Mandate rally at the Capitol in Sacramento, Ca where thousands gathered opposing vaccine mandates. "The Last Stand" rally was a gathering of people opposing recently introduced bills AB 455 & AB 1102. At the time of the rally they were determined to be suspended. We share our personal experience being there and what it was like to finally meet in-person. Check us out.

Escape from the AFT's Psychometric Impact Investment Panopticon

We interview John Klyczek about his recent article on the AFT entitled, "American Federation of Teachers Sells out to Rockefeller's, Trilateralists and Big Tech". We discuss the implications of his findings for education and for the union movement. We are also joined by college lecturer and Organizer, Jessica.

American Federation of Teachers Sells out to Rockefeller's, Trilateralists and Big Tech

The Technocratic Trap Set By Vaccine Mandates

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California has announced some of the toughest mandates on workers in the country. With vaccine mandates come vaccine passports. Today we take a look at these vaccine passports with our guest Jessica from Southern California who breaks down the details of all the money and data collection these public and private partnerships will gather. Many workers unknowingly are demanding alongside the State to mandate and show proof of up to date vaccines. But do they really know what these vaccine passports entail? Check us out.

Lies, Damned Lies and Afghanistan

As Kabul is finally taken over by the Taliban, everyone is asking what will happen to Afghanistan. Concentration is building up on what to do about the women and end of freedoms there. Today we take a closer look and what can we learn from what happened in Afghanistan. Check us out.

Organizing Against Vaccine Mandates (In a Fishbowl)

We, the hosts of "What's Left?", are alarmed at the push by the U.S. State, corporations, Universities and schools to force COVID vaccinations on workers and students. We see this as part of a drive to institute vaccine passports which will be, in turn, used to control, surveil and manipulate the working class in a 4th industrial revolution, digital prison. So, today we share our organising efforts

Excuse Me, Are You Vaccinated?

Find out about our new FB group: Workers & Students for Choice

 "Are you vaccinated?" Question of the year. It seems anywhere we are these days everyone is asking. Today we share our personal experiences and frustrations as we see aggressive measures be rolled out by the Biden administration. What does it mean for us workers? How have other workers reacted to the current mandates and "health passes"? And what can we do about it? Check us out.

Critical Race Theory? What's That?

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is being widely discussed currently. An area where it is being hotly contested is in public education. But... What is it? Where did it come from? Why now? What do we make of it? Check us out!

Eduardo's Covid Journey

The past year during the COVID pandemic proved to be one pivotal year for many. Eduardo Abarca, co-host of What's Left?, shares with us how transformative was last year on an ideological, personal and organising level. Jessica, previously interviewed on W'sL?, joins in conversation to expand on Eduardo's "COVID journey". Check us out.

Biden's Sleight of Hand in Afghanistan

Today we discuss the invasion of Afghanistan and the US troop withdrawal. As US American President Biden is pulling out of the Afghanistan 20 year long war some argue for a complete withdrawal, others for some form of presence or transition. Check us out as we share our views on the issue.

Abolish the Police! I Mean, Defund the Police! Never mind, Fund the Police!

YouTube's got us on punishment, so you can watch the episode HERE.

Today we discuss the issue of defunding or abolishing the police. We are seeing that the mainstream news is reporting a rise in crime and the conversations around abolishing the police have died out. We share out thoughts.

Haeder's Reimagining Sanity - Batty Bioweapons, 5G, Star Wars

Video struck down by YouTube, you can watch it HERE.

We interview Paul Haeder, a radical Marxist from the Pacific Northwest with his own ideas about what is going on to drive the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset. He shares his views with us this week. Check it out!

The Lowdown on Higher Ed

We interview Jessica H., a college professor on the West Coast, about her experiences teaching in higher education. We discuss the changes thing place in education generally at the college level, and she shares her thoughts and experiences based on this last year of all remote learning under Covid.

Secret Societies and the New World Order

Today we go on to part II of New World Order with John Klyczek. We discuss secret societies, the occult, intelligence agencies, and its interconnection to global economics and global government. Check it out and see what you think about this material that most of the Left does not engage with.

What is the New World Order? 

John Klyczek joins us to explain what exactly is meant by "New World Order"? There are a variety of differences in the beliefs and areas of commonality. Most of the these ideas are considered part of the Right, so what is "What's Left?" doing discussing this? Watch. Listen and find out!

Science Sims: Fit for Education?

Today we will do a gamified version of our episode. We invite you to explore with us a test run of a virtual learning software that was shared with Andy to test drive for his teaching. Kenny tests it out and we share what we think of it. Let us know what you think of it after the test!

Free Palestine by Freeing Ourselves

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been making headlines again. Today we revisit the conversation around this conflict and share our thoughts and solidarity as the events there unfold.

STEMuli: Students & Teachers Entering Matrix in Ed-Texas

Today we are joined by Alison McDowell and Lynn Davenport to discuss the STEMuli Dallas Pilot School, which is a workforce-aligned video game virtual school. A school that is a model for what many schools could be seen as the future. Alison McDowell is a Philly parent, researcher and blogger at WrenchInTheGears.com. Lynn Davenport is Dallas public ed parent and host of Social Impact podcast of exposing corporate education reformers & edtech companies. Join us!

Socialists Against the Covid Crackdown

What's Left? Host our first "Socialist Panel" where comrades around the globe (Australia, Germany, U.K., U.S.) talk about how they have come to understand that the current narrative around Covid is a complete lie and that most socialist around the globe have failed to understand the politics in play by the Capitalists over the last year. We try to set a different path forward for revolutionaries who oppose Capitalism and believe in Worker's ability to completely transform society.

From Fellow Teacher to Fellow Traveller 

Today we interview JP about his personal political journey, what he makes of the pandemic, distance learning and the reopening of schools. JP is a public school teacher from Southern California. We are pleased and encouraged by having JP share his journey with us as we attempt to ally with more people in a time of political isolation.

Vaccine Passport Prison Planet

Author John Klyczek joins us to discuss the issues and implications behind vaccine passports.

Eduardo, Kenny, and Andy host a weekly political discussion on some of the most critical issues of our time as it relates to current events while challenging the conventional left.

Comité de las Madres Latinoamericanas de la Mission

Today we are joined by Dheyanira Calahorrano from Comité de Madres Latinoamericanas de la Mission (Committee of Latinamerican Mothers of the Mission). Dheya is a front line healthcare worker, an SFUSD parent and organizer in the Mission District of San Francisco. She has been very vocal about the reopening of the schools and empowering other Latino families to speak up for their kids. We are excited to share this long awaited interview.

The Future of Education: In-Person or Impersonal 

 We are joined by, teacher and socialist, AJ.. As Andy Libson, describes his run-in with the school district (SFUSD) for holding an outdoor classroom after hours. The SFUSD is investigating Andy for teaching circuits in-person at Golden Gate park during Spring break with parental permission. After speaking with the media and a call from his union, UESF, Andy is speaking out about the incident here on What's Left? Check us out.

The Trojan Horse of Compulsory Dyslexia Screening

YouTube still has us on lockdown, view the episode HERE.

This week's episode of What's Left? Is done in conjunction with Jason Bosch of Argusfest where Alison McDowell joins us in a discussion of the plans in CA to test all (K-2) students for dyslexia. Brought to you by Boston Consulting Group, the consulting firm that closed 23 Philadelphia Schools in 2013. Compulsory dyslexia screening is a data-grab by neuroscientists and impact investors. It does not direct resources to the children who need them, but instead underpins human capital markets in pre-k and early literacy finance.

San Francisco Bored of Education

YouTube still got us on lockdown, check out the video version HERE

Remove Alison Collins! Recall the SF Board of Education! Sue SF BOE! What's behind all the drama and intrigue that has embroiled the SF Board of Education in a historic level crisis? What lessons can be learned from this? And what would real change actually look like? What's Left? discusses all of this in this episode.

Racism Against Asians in the USA: Past, Present & Future

YouTube still got us on lockdown, check out the video version HERE

The recent media coverage of anti-Asian racism has us look back in time to the US's relationship to Asia and its people. We step back a bit from the current affairs to the long history of racist divisions onto working class people. Check out our take on it.


YouTube took the episode down.  If you want to see it check it out here.

Today we take on part II of our conversation with John Klyczek, author of "School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education. We discuss... vaccines! The growing number of people taking the vaccines and the pressure to take them has us take a closer look at whether they are safe or not. Join us as we attempt to make sense of them.

Reopening Schools to Dismantle Them

We discuss the Tentative Agreement reached between the UESF leadership and the school district (SFUSD). Educator, AJ Johnstone, joins us to share her thoughts about the TA and why as educators who have argued for reopening schools, we oppose this plan for reopening them.

Censorship, Fear & Hesitancy, Oh My!

Taken down by YouTube, you can watch the episode HERE.

Today we spend the hour with John Klyczek to discuss what we make of the recent "community strike" (a.k.a. censuring tool) by YouTube and some opening thoughts on the Covid vaccines. John Klyczek is the author of School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education (TrineDay Books); and he is a contributor to New Politics, the Centre for Research on Globalization, OpEdNews, the Intrepid Report, and the Dissident Voice.

Talking with Michael Kane: NY Teachers for Choice

As more people are getting their vaccines and, in some cases, being required to get them, today we speak with Michael Kane about NY Teachers for Choice. Kane is a New York teacher member of the United Federation of Teachers. He, along with other colleagues and families, are advocating against forced medical mandates for any American to keep their job, especially educators. Check out our interview.

GameStop, Robinhood & the Curious Case of the Rich Getting Richer

As we attempt to make sense of the recent GameStop fiasco we take a look at lessons of the stock market and their cheating games. We also delve into the spike of cryptocurrencies afterwards and if this "decentralized" system could be the way to go. So, we invited the writer, educator, blogger, and devoted researcher of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", Alison McDowell to share her thoughts with us. Check us out.

What's Right About Talking to the Left?

This time the roles are reversed. Rob Doyle and Jake Schmidt (two Trump voters who consider themselves more on the conservative spectrum), ask What's Left? Some questions about the Constitution, the Green New Deal, wealth and income, who is rich?, taxes, immigration and racism. This is part of what we hope to be an ongoing engagement between those of us who claim Left with those who claim Right.


The city of San Francisco just sued its own school district (SFUSD) in an attempt to have children have the option to go back to school. We have stated that we are in favor of reopening schools in our ongoing episodes on this topic, however, is this the path forward? Where do we stand when the SF teachers union hasn't shown any signs of wanting to go back and this suit, seemingly, is "advocating" for us to go back. Check us out as we make sense of it.

Chicago Schools: Old Ways to Fight "New Normals"

 The Chicago Teachers Union voted to refuse in-person instruction after the nation's third-largest school district called teachers and staff into classrooms and started to lock them out from remote work. Today we take a look at their collective action and map it onto our, soon-to-be, situation. As educators that want to return back to school, what would we do should we be placed in a compromised vote against our desire to return? And what do we make of this notion of safety? Join us out as we continue our ongoing saga of "The Reopening of Schools" series.

Indoctrination by Inauguration

As Democrats rejoice and a growing number of Republicans are reluctantly accepting Joe Biden becoming the US American President... we take a hard look at what this new presidency will mean for the Left movement. We discuss the military at Washington D.C., the inauguration, and the significance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Check us out.

Revenge of the Establishment 

So much has happened in such a short time in the aftermath of Washington D.C.'s "riot", "insurrection", "chaos", and "attempted coup" as the mainstream media is calling it. But as the Democrats, neoliberals, mainstream liberal media and even many progressives cheer... we are being conned, tricked and thrown into the political smokescreen of the establishment's trap. Check us out as we discuss the aftermath of the Capitol's protests and more.

Mob Rule or Fake Coup?

YouTube took this episode down for challenging the legitimacy of the elections.  If you want to see it, check it out here.

Join us as we discuss the "insurrection" we saw in the Capitol of the U.S. Congress, predictions and Hopes/Visions for the coming year.

Looking Back on 2020

As we close the 2020 chapter, we spend the hour looking back on what challenges we faced personally and politically as well as what we're some highlights.